Trios 3Shape Digital Scanner

Toronto Digital Intraoral Scanner at Lawrence and Eglinton

At Brody Family Dental, we are proud to announce that we are utilizing a new form of dental digital imaging technology that allows us to effectively map out dental plans for our patients, and eliminates messy dental molds, "goopy" impression materials, and uncomfortable mouth pieces.

The Trios 3Shape Scanner® takes less than 5 minutes to capture a full 3D impression of your dental arches. With this new technology, we are able to provide precise and accurate fits for Smile Design, Veneers, Bruxism, Reveal® Clear Aligners, and more.

This new technology will elliminate any messy dental impressions and will provide an accurate 3D model of your gums, all the way through to the surface of your teeth.

At Brody Family Dental in Toronto, located between Lawrence and Eglinton Avenue, we are excited to share and show you how the Trios® Digital Scanner works. Contact us to learn more.